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#840, 10665 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780-423-3680
Fax: 780-423-3640

The best place for
your best days



Forbes Psychological Services is committed to providing the highest standard of care to support the personal well-being of individuals and organizations.  This service is provided in the most effective, cost efficient and professional manner available.  Forbes Psychological Services’ staff network in Edmonton and across Canada is comprised of a combination of Ph.D. and M.A. level registered clinical psychologists as well as registered social workers with a background in clinical social work.  This staffing strategy ensures the provision of services in as many locations as possible across Canada so that employees have ready access to the most highly trained and experienced counsellors located in their home area.


Of particular importance is the fact that the network of Forbes Psychological Services’ staff have considerable experience in providing services to a broad range of individuals, organizations and industries.  As a result, we feel that our experience has positioned us well to deliver a quality professional service in a knowledgeable and meaningful fashion.


Human Dignity and Self-Worth

We are committed to providing our service, whether to individuals or organizations, in a manner that maintains dignity and self worth.



Whether working with individuals, families or organizations we are committed to responding to their needs in an efficient and effective fashion.


Highest Quality Service

We believe that every client is entitled to the highest quality of service provided by the most highly trained, experienced and qualified counsellors and staff who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations for service.



We are committed to being respectful of our clients need for privacy.  As a result, our work with clients is treated as strictly confidential.

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