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Forbes Psychological Services’ Disability Management Program offers a comprehensive, multimodal, interdisciplinary, prevention, assessment and treatment approach designed to be responsive to all your organizational needs.


Forbes Psychological Services has extensive experience in the provision of these services across a wide range of industries and organizations.  As a result, we have the ability to provide a full range of valid and effective disability management services.  We are able to achieve the most responsive, comprehensive and creative services available to any organization because of our multimodal interdisciplinary approach which includes, when appropriate, the utilization of the services of a variety of health professions:  occupational health physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionist and physical fitness consultants.


The advantage of Forbes Psychological Services approach is that it allows an organization to choose the service or services that best meet their specific needs by providing them with a variety of options designed to address specific causes of absenteeism – psychological illness, medical illness, injury, work related stress, addictions, workplace conflict, bereavement or grief.  These services include:



  • Fitness to Work Assessments & Recommendations

  • Fitness to Return to Work Assessments & Recommendations

  • Substance Abuse Assessments, Treatment & Follow-Up Testing Plans

  • Active Assessment, Management & Treatment of Physical Health Problems

  • Active Assessment, Management & Treatment of Psychological Problems

  • Case Management of Short Term Disability

  • Independent Medical Exams/Independent Psychological Evaluations

  • Cognitive/Neuropsychological Assessments

  • Employee & Workgroup Conflict Resolution

  • Management Coaching & Organizational Consultations



Interventions are developed in a collaborative and coordinated fashion with the employee, the supervisor/manager and the relevant member(s) of the treatment team.  Interventions are monitored on a regular basis and can be modified as required.  Throughout the process on-going support, advice and assistance is provided to the employee and the supervisor/manager even after the employee has returned to work.

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