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Forbes Psychological Services has developed a variety of workshops and presentations to address the needs of organizations as well as their employees.  These workshops are flexible and can be tailored to fit specific needs or topics.  Topics currently available include:



            Dealing With Difficult People                            Managing Stress

            Coping With Change                                       Humor in the Workplace

            Anger Management                                        Team Building

            Communication                                             Conflict Resolution


            Helping the Stressed and Depressed Individual


Forbes Psychological Services would be prepared to develop, in collaboration with an Organization or Company, other specific workshops, presentations, or training programs as required in order to meet the Company’s needs.



Physical Fitness Consultation


As part of Forbes Psychological Services’ overall commitment to health and wellness, we are able to offer a service to employees which focuses on Personalized Fitness and Lifestyle.  At the present time the service is only available in Alberta.  It is anticipated, however, that the service will be made available in all major centres throughout Canada in the near future.  Employees in Alberta are able to access fully qualified fitness consultants who are able to provide the most up-to-date exercise testing, fitness appraisals, exercise consultation and fitness prescription services.  All of our contracted fitness consultants have university degrees in Physical Education and Sports Studies or related disciplines and are registered with the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiologists as either Certified Fitness Consultants, Certified Exercise Physiologist or Professional Fitness and Lifestyle Consultants.  Through our EAP each employee will be able to access up to two hours of this consultation service at no cost to the employee.



Nutritional Consultation 


Forbes Psychological Services has under contract a number of certified, Dieticians by which employees covered under the Forbes Psychological Services EAP are able to obtain up to two hours of nutritional and dietary counselling.  This professional service is provided at no cost to the employee.

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